Category: Eva Lovia

Having a Drink with Eva Lovia

Eva’s got an icy glass of something and not much on. It doesn’t look like she’s got an extra drink but we’re happy just enjoying the show

Eva Lovia in White

Eva has taken over the couch once again. But it’s not like you’d do anything about it, she is stripping after all.

Eva Lovia on the Couch

Eva can often be found wandering around the house in lingerie. Sometimes, we can convince her what she’s wearing is too conservative.

Eva Lovia Naked in the Club

Now that everyone else has gone home it doesn’t take much convincing to get Eva out of her clothes. Looks like the real fun’s just starting.

Eva Lovia in Some Fancy Undies

Eva’s got a sparkly bra and frilly panties and more importantly a desire to take them off. She always looks like she’s up to something mischievous which I support 100%.